grand opening

This prestigious building in the centre of Milton Park required the installation of removable graphics to the interior and exterior on walls and glass, some temporary signage for the launch event and required some temporary exhibition areas to be constructed.  All of which we did provided, branded, installed on site and subsequently removed after the grand opening.

In addition the project required some cut vinyl lettering, removable fabricolour wall papers, small format tags and programme.

With a new building opening on Milton Park there’s always lots to do – and the recent official opening of the new UK Headquarters of Adaptimmune was no exception.

With new albeit temporary graphics applied to the exterior of the building, with on the day signage applied separately to that, we also created and installed a series of huge timelines telling the story of the business its scientific progress and its corporate story.  From showing members of the founding team and early investors to rounds of investment in the UK and USA.

carbon colour provided creative services to design and artwork the timelines, which were then printed and applied to the walls in the new building, supporting collateral was printed, along with programmes for the day and temporary display boards supplied which carried press coverage alongside photos old and new.


exterior hoardings

We get asked to produce one off Hoardings regularly – some are very simple signs advertising an event, a forthcoming site or for brand reinforcement.  Because we can install a mixture of cut vinyl, printed and contour cut vinyl as well as mounted panels our clients get a totally flexible approach – which brings with it the attitude towards exterior hoardings that we apply to all the work we do.  Can we make it better, is there a more effective way to approach a particular problem or can we offer suggestions that make something work better.

Many of the huge hoardings you pass as you go through Milton Park have been manufactured and installed by carbon colour for MEPC the owners of the park.  The wind breaks under the tent are a perfect example of how all the processes we offer can be brought together and used to good effect.  Whilst the big blue hoardings on the first roundabout have been made to last and cope with the ravages of the Oxfordshire weather.




Signage and hoarding display work for one of the UK’s most successful owners of large scale business parks.


We have produced a wide range of ad-hoc display work for launches, special events, rental opportunities and openings for MEPC and have partnered with them to help provide business collateral as and when required.

Like everyone – when a new brand identity is launched – a lot of new and replacement material needs to be introduced.