Reduce the clatter and echo, improve the look of your workspace

Our unique Chromaphon display panels do exactly that. You choose the image or select one from our extensive library.

We also offer BuzziSpace’s range of acoustic items including BuzziSkin which is a great way to cover an entire wall with acoustic material made rom recycled plastic bottles.


Our unique Chromaphon sound absorbing panels are a great way to significantly reduce the echo and clatter that’s often found in the care environment where carpets and soft furniture are not suitable.

They also act as decorative items and will brighten up the area with either printed material or specialist fabric covering.

We offer three depths, 25mm 50mm and 100mm. The 50mm is the most popular as looks very similar to a wrapped canvas block.

We can fit them to the wall either directly by using a combination of adhesive and tape or by hanging plates.

Buzzi Space

BuzziSkinis a unique acoustic wall covering. It not only absorbs sound but will brighten up any wall. Available in a choice of 12 different colours.

The felt is 100% recycled PET with a self-adhesive backing making it environmentally friendly and robust. It’s easy enough to put it up yourself or our team of experts will install it for you. It’s that simple!

EchoTile 6040

These Echotile 6040s are Class A sound absorbers that are generally fixed directly to the ceiling although they can go onto walls.

The most popular dimensions are 600mm x 600mm x 40mm . The strong surface combined with premium edges results in a robust and impact resistant sound absorbing panel These will be sufficient for the majority of rooms but they can be accompanied by our Chromaphons or Buzziskin acoustic material fixed to the walls to give extra acoustic benefits.