wire o bind or spiral

one of the most oft asked questions involves whether something should to wire o bind or spiral bind.  In essence spirals tend to be available as plastic coils that show one continuous connector.  Wire o, wire-o-bind or wire-bind tends to look refer to the most popular option, as if its made up of a series of pairs of metal rings – although it is in fact made from one continuous metal wire.

So whether you need wire o bind or spiral your wire-o can be cut to specific widths or your books can be step punched using shorter multiple lengths of wire to create more unusual finished books – whilst pages can be french folded to give thicker sections or dividers, other material can be combined or tinted boards triplexed to make extra heavy outer, additionally covers can be laminated, die cut to shape, laser cut or de-bossed, the addition of frosted polypropylene or clear plastic outers gives added longevity and all this can be done in added to tabs and a host of other extras.

Above left – clear spiral binding coil, right half canadian, conventional wire-o-binding and step punched wire o binding.

We offer a wide range of wire o bind or spiral wires from stock including white, black and silver off the shelf in most sizes, as well as other colours in some sizes whilst we also offer a huge range of coloured spiral coils to order.

Just allow a little time to source the right colour of wire or coil for your next project – a quick phone call might speed things up – so give us a call on 01235 438 938

If you would like a copy of little box of binding techniques just send us the details of your project and lets start a conversation.  It  gives you samples of the main forms of binding that we offer in house, so you can see the results that can be achieved.

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