wide or tall roller banners

Banners come in a range of standard widths and height, ranging from 800mm to 1200 and even 1500mm wide roller banners.  As well as extra height units that extend up to 2500mm tall there are units designed to form a continuous wall, those designed to clip together as pairs, A3 and A4 desk top models and even double sided units that can be used in thoroughfares where viewers approach from two directions.

Just bear in mind that shipping units over 1200mm can prove awkward to some countries, and not everyones car can cope with the wider roller banner systems, especially if other people are expected to travel at the same time.

So when you need your display to be head and shoulders above the competition think of us – we normally add a scratch resistant laminate seal to all of our banners – so they can withstand the usual wear and tear these ever popular mechanisms undergo.  Easy to put up and dismantle we also offer models with interchangeable cassettes, so you can swop graphics in and out easily.














We can help you adapt existing artwork, create a new design for you, or advise on the resolution and print result you should expect from an image or file. There are no hard and fast rules for successful design of roller banners – although less can sometimes really help the look and visual effectiveness.  Too many bullets or great swathes of text is unlikely to get read completely, so some of the best examples deliver short, sharp deadlines that convey the key messages quickly and clearly.

There are always display models on site in East Central – so if you aren’t quite sure which is right for you just come along and have a look for yourself. Remember we work till 6pm Monday to Friday and are always happy to bring banners to you if its easier.