Why Print?

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Why Print?

Surely, in a world of digital, print is yesterday’s technology? Not so fast. No marketing or campaign should depend on a single medium.

While emails have their place, the key is to mix things up with different platforms. Here are 9 reasons to think ink.

1/ Big Impact: Digital hits one person at a time, on a screen. Leaflets get handed round. Dozens can see a single poster. Hundreds of people will view a building wrap.

2/ Make it Personal: Emails with a ‘drop in’ database name are generic. Digital technology makes print personal. Your direct mail can speak directly to a single person about the special offer intended, just for them.

3/ Portability: Print marketing is long lasting and highly durable. Your customers can carry your business card,  brochure or leaflet with them, to read when and where it most suits them. An email is just another email.

4/ Format: Any print piece can be as short as you need or long as you want. From a simple leaflet, to a longer brochure or even a full report, it’s all here. Include all the information you need. Emails are restricted by format. If it doesn’t fit on a screen, forget it.

5/ ‘Stickability’: Direct mail never stays in a spam filter. It is more like the note on the fridge. A leaflets can’t be deleted in a second. The good stuff stays on desks for weeks. Who knows who might pick it up next?

6/ Not email: Electronic messaging needs a recipient’s permission if you’re going to contact them. DM, not so much. You can still reach customers who don’t subscribe or unsubscribe from your email list. Just make it good.

7/ Outstanding: DM doesn’t fight for attention. Prove it with this quick test. Q: How many emails do you get a day? A: Too many. Q: How does each email distinguish itself from another? A: It doesn’t. Q: Does direct mail perform 37x better than email?2 A: Yes.

8/ Bounce-proof. Send an email to a target no longer with the company, and it rebounds. Send a postcard, leaflet or brochure and the new person in that job sees it. You have just introduced yourself to a potential customer.

9/ Anything goes. Think how vinyl, aluminium, window film [anything else?] can bring your designs to life. Even vivid promo stickers or vibrant foam boards to make your company stand out from the crowd.