supplying artwork

Artwork guidelines
carbononline has been specifically created to accept your PDF files.
If you need help and advice on how to generate a high quality print ready PDF then follow our guidelines here.
Our team specialise in layout, image manipulation and creative work. We know that a well crafted design will always do a better job than something hurriedly thrown together so if you need help in modifying some existing artwork or want to create something new we can always help. There may be a charge for this, depending on what you need.
supplying artwork
Please ensure you have provided crop marks and made an allowance for bleed on your artwork.
It is essential that there is a minimum of 3mm bleed around your artwork. This is for cutting purposes. For example: A6 size would be 111mm x 154.50mm. Please note that there is a 2mm tolerance for cutting on all jobs.
Please ensure that the colour is set to CMYK not RGB.
PDF files
We request all artwork to be supplied as high resolution (300dpi). It is important that you prepare your PDF file in the correct way. These options must be set for commercial printing:
Resolution – Choose High Resolution
Compression Settings – For colour and greyscale this should be down sampled to 300dpi with “auto compression” set on high
Font Embedding – Should be set to “embed all fonts”
Colour needs to be set as CMYK not RGB (RGB artwork will be converted to CMYK and this could effect your colours).
We are able to receive final files in most other native formats, but there may be an additional charge (of