As part of Highways England public consultation on proposals to upgrade the A303 between Amesbury and Berwick Down, as it passes the Stonehenge World Heritage Site, we helped create and manufacture a series of exhibition boards and other display materials. The boards highlighted the main aspects of the proposed scheme on which Highways England are seeking comment while one of our Twister systems was used to display a large map of the route.

One part of the exhibition was a series of linkable rigid panels that were interchangeable – so different venues could be best laid out, and a flexible single twister unit of over four metres in length that could be kept straight or bent to fit in a corner location or an awkwardly shaped  venue.  This was all printed and mounted together with additional collateral and small extracts produced as visual aids so that they could be used to help answer questions from the consultees as and when they arose.

One of the advantages of using modular boards as part of the solution for this client is the level of flexibility it gives both the event installation team and the designers.  Almost any size can be cut – and linked, panels don’t have to be either the same width or height – and to some extent can even be cut to shape as required.  Using a clamp system means that a board can be omitted, used in isolation or inter-changed really easily.  The scheme also used adjustable feet to cope with public venues and the possibility of variance in floor levels.

find out more about the A303 road scheme at Stonehenge here





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