When you want to add a bit of difference to your documents then try carbon colour for spiral coil binding.  You can choose from a wide range of solid and translucent colours to clear and solid options (and even a type of gold and silver) so there’s bound to be a colour that you like or fits the demands of your product.

black spiral coil silver spiral coilyellow spiral coil

The punching system is adaptable to almost any size, step spiral is possible, and long or short edge binding is available.  Just bear in mind the pages roll slightly off-set from each other when the pages of a book are opened.

Coil Binding is really useful when you need a softer binding result than the more rigid and robust wire-o-bind option, or when you want a bit of crushability to your finished item. Visually the end result is preferred by some designers as it is less ordinary and banal than wire-o-binding which is also offered by carbon colour.

Great for school items when you don’t want dangerous sharp ends or weight becomes an issue if sending bound documents in bulk or overseas.

Find out more about this and all of the other binding techniques we offer you here at carbon colour and see examples in our case study section here.

Just bear in mind that we don’t carry all the colours in all the sizes all of the time as there are so many, so whilst all colours are available within a day or two you may pay a premium for small quantities of unusual options.


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