Sometimes you really need a binding method that is waterproof – rust proof and that can cope with being crushed a bit,  Spiral Binding is the perfect answer.

Using a plastic coil rather than the coated metal of wire-o-binding brings all these advantages when you need them.

Spiral Binding is not always the most appropriate method of binding, when you need the flexibility of a choice of colours, a range of sizes and the strength that comes with wire it can often become a poorer choice.

spiral coil colours

A relatively limited range of Coloured coils are available – (most colours and sizes can be sourced but on special order only). We tend to carry clear in stock which is suitable for A4 documents up to about 10mm thick but get other sizes when required.  A number of solid colours can be sourced next day and some translucent variants are also available.

The punching and manufacturing process is a little slower than our in-house wire-o binding so try to factor this in if you need more than a few copies done  quickly.

spiral bindingSpiral Binding and Wire Binding are just two of the many and varied methods we offer to bind your books and documents – find out more about other binding techniques we offer here

We also offer lamination, large format printing and mounting – and an installation service for wall art and display materials.

We do carry a very wide range of sizes of wire-o in an assortment of standard colours so its rare that we find ourselves unable to fulfil orders as and when they are needed.  If in any doubt give us a call to check and we will do our utmost to ensure we have what’s needed for a particular job in stock.




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