special effects

Every production house that manufactures printed matter will tell you about their own bag of special tricks – here’s a short list of the sort of things we can help solve, though you should note that not all of them are ideal for combining with every small format or large format product.

So if in doubt talk to us about what you want to do and we’ll offer our informed advice. We like a challenge, so don’t be frightened to ask for the impossible – we can’t always promise that we’ll find a solution for you but we will always try.

  • holographic foil blocking
  • die-stamping
  • debossing
  • embossing
  • domed resin effects
  • UV varnishing
  • lamination
  • die cutting to shape
  • mounting
  • numbering
  • barcoding
  • laser cutting
  • encapsulation
  • image recognition
  • OCR
  • near site recognition
  • wrapping
  • boxing
  • place mounting
  • affixing
  • framing
  • installing
  • security features
  • heat sensitive inks
  • vegetable inks
  • kiss cutting
  • vinyl cutting

Give Phil a call on 01235 4398 938 to talk about what you want to achieve or how to create that special effect on your product.