we can print books up to about 50mm thick – so depending on the thickness of the substrate (paper) you want to use, this can be as much as 1,000 pages.  Obviously thinner papers make this easier and your finished book can be affected by your chosen binding method.  Depending on the format, size and extent of a book we might be able to bind thicker documents.

as we print in collated order each book takes the same amount of time to print – and because we can print in colour or black & white your book (if it’s bound and glued) can be made up of multiples of two – this is often really helpful with short run books, does keep your costs under control as you can order exactly what you want and brings with it more flexibility than traditional book print processes. (as they use larger sheets of paper and fold into sections before binding).

find out more about what choices we offer for how to bind your book here.



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