retail display

retail display introduction carbon colour

Space is a valuable commodity in the retail environment. We can help you to maximise your impact, without sacrificing space for your products or service.

In addition to free standing display materials we have extensive experience working in retail outlets – applying graphics to fixed surfaces, building stand off’s and modular display areas as well as managing large scale graphic projects for chains. Our work has taken us across Europe working with brands such as Bose and Triumph as well as Pretty Green and Puma.

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other products

In addition to large format items we can help with desktop products.

Any counter, flat surface or window can easily be turned into an advertising space using one of our products, or for a free standing display you can choose from one of range of roller banners.For point of sale or promotional materials, leaflet dispensers are an economical and practical choice, while showcards allow for greater impact, or you can combine the two to make an eye-catching standalone selling point. Clip frames and poster rails are an easy way to display temporary offers, while suspension systems allow you to create marketing and selling space out of thin air. Stand-off fixings make even the most basic sign into a feature.

Digital print is also the perfect medium for producing your promotional leaflets, brochures and posters. It’s cost effective for short runs making it ideal for special offers and we can help you design and produce all the materials you need to boost your sales and maximise profit.


The perfect way to produce free standing promotional or information boards for table, desk or counter top use. Full colour prints, mounted to thick card or PVC board, with a tough card strut on the reverse that folds flat for packaging and delivery. The card can also be laminated for increased long term durability and can be made in virtually any size and cut to shape to add impact. You can attach leaflet holders for give away leaflets – maximising impact. Offering a flexible and cost effective solution for promotional displays, at shows, in shops or in any reception, foyer or office.


acrylic holders

A terrific way to display your leaflets and brochures. Available in a range of popular sizes, they can be free standing, wall mounted or attached onto banner systems and panels. Multiple pocket versions are available for increased flexibility of use. The dispensers can be personalized with self adhesive logos for added impact and value.  Affixed to printed panels they can help transform static information signs into easily update-able resources.