Postcards remain one of our favourite products. We can help with concepts, design layout, manufacturing or to adapting your existing artwork. With access to fantastic stock photography we can help create powerful campaigns, and have done so for automotive, educational and consumer clients.

We can reduce your outbound mailing rate or return the printed items for you to use. Our latest install really allows you to communicate with an audience of one, across your database which might contain hundreds of thousands of recipients.


The postcard really is a powerful tool in the right hands; people have been putting adhesive postage stamps on their mail since 1840 and things have changed little since then. But how you communicate with your targets today allows you to do lots of things at once; send an email, simultaneously post a targeted piece of print, co-ordinate an offer, point your target at a personalised URL add bespoke QR codes to each item – all of which wasn’t possible back in 1990 let alone 1840.

So if you need to thank lots of people, invite attendees to a conference, attract new customers, tell clients about something, cleanse a database or just send out some good news, carbon colour can help make your postcards work for you.

response rates

With mailing facilities on site we are able to offer attractive postal rates, help you ensure your existing design conforms the the requirements of the Royal Mail, look at alternative carriers pricing, segment your data, cleanse and purge poor quality addressing all with a view to improving your response rates.


Depending on your requirements carbon colour can help you design, produce and mail postcard campaigns whether they are short run, long run, personalised, segmented or staggered release. Come and talk to us about what we can do, what you need to manufacture and see for yourself what is possible.