Cloth wrapped outers to create items with post inter screw covers is a clever but very simple way of creating menus, reports or presentation documents that can be custom made to accommodate contents comprising just a few pages only or many hundred of leaves.

By adding creased pages the way the documents open can be greatly improved – as spreads will naturally lay a little flatter.  The temptation to only crease the first and last leaf is often misguided, although it is seen regularly.  A wide range of book binding cloth colours can be used, or combined with paper and special effects to help build a brand, emphasise a corporate identity or compliment a specific environment.


Using the basic principles of book binding, the pages can simply be drilled and screwed together with post inter screws, or use case covers that can be wrapped in printed or plain paper, or from a wide selection of plain cloth with de-bossing or foil applied, then by adding a single or double hinged flap – (see below) you can choose to expose or hide a series of brass or chrome posts – which then allows the content to be updated easily (perfect for menus) or a whole book block to be replaced simply and quickly without the need for new covers.


The simplicity of this type of binding is best exploited when a relatively ‘unknown’ final page page count is likely.  Extension or Long post screws can be used to cope with most reasonable page extents without having to create second volumes of a book or proposal, and its reassuringly easy to add throw out pages – in different media or unusual sizes with relative ease.

When combined with cloth wrapped covers post inter screws can transform the way a document looks – paper over board is possible too, though the range of fabrics and cloths tend to work better for some kinds of work – especially when you need the finished item to survive that bit longer on the shelf or when handled.





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