perfect binding

Perfect binding is normally associated with book publishing, however, it can also be used to great effect on things like company reports, magazines, prospectuses, booklets, brochures, dissertations and so much more!

Compared to wire-o-binding, or saddle stitching, perfect binding can elevate a project  – making it look that extra bit smart and professional, especially when you need to present it to a discerning audience. So if you’re going to pay for something to be bound, why not spend your budget on the best option?

Our latest piece of equipment has allowed us to increase our production capacity and produce a nicely bound books, so if you require anything to be perfect bound, then please contact us.

perfect-boundThis addition to our finishing department means we can now offer the latest perfect binding on demand. PUR perfect binding is a fast, versatile and attractive binding method which makes it ideal for gluing runs of up to several hundred paperback books, brochures, manuals, directories, reference guides and other publications.
The strength that PUR adhesive offers digitally printed books is the main reason for us choosing this option, as combined with its ability to adhere to a wide variety of substrates it cures quickly and suits the way our printed products are manufactured.

Arguably the most important thing to consider is that PUR adhesive affords superior adhesion over the glues used in conventional perfect binding. This means offers increased binding strength, with page pull tests being 40-60% stronger and the glue coping with extreme temperatures without failing.
Perfect bound books have greater longevity. Saddle stitched publications rarely remain on bookshelves, the same can be said though to a lesser degree, about wire-o-bound books and manuals. They also give you the opportunity to add copy to the spine which makes your book stand out on a shelf making it easy to identify and retrieve.
Perfect bound book covers can be laminated to increase their durability to your finished book, personalised to improve relevance and can be used for a variety of printed pieces from books and booklets to magazines, catalogues, and even textbooks. Perfect bound usually consist of various text sections with a cover made from heavier material, glued together at the spine with a strong flexible glue. There is a spine maximum – we can cope with books up to 45mm thick.
Perfect binding will give your printed piece a more professional feel and allows books to accommodate a much higher page count than saddle stitching, and can be used for short-run print-on-demand pieces when fast turnaround is important. Covers are usually double scored adding to the feel of the finished product.
The fundamental difference between the two types of perfect binding is the choice of adhesive used in the process. Perfect binding uses ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesives whereas PUR uses polyurethane reactive (PUR) adhesives. In simple terms the binding really only differs between the way the glue itself performs, the adhesion and performance of PUR is better, stronger and allows more flexibility.Novarix-2