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Social Distancing signage

The imposition of social distancing measures has created multiple logistical challenges for employers who must balance the commercial need to re-open with the duty to adhere to government guidelines.

Robust and clear internal and external signage can go a long way to solving both business challenges. Our expertise and experience in this specialist area means we can ensure that your customers and staff benefit from quality guidance, from front door to exit and all points in between.

Our work in external and internal signage are testament to our work in this area. Having worked in the care sector for many years, we are mindful of the specific needs for clear markings on walls, floors and doors in an environment often crowded with complex messaging and signage.


A3 Atom banner

You’ll find our Atom banner is the perfect desk top solution when you have limited space, need to publicise an event or product in multiple locations or you want to exploit a reception area.

We generally produce these at A3 but smaller and larger sizes are available.