order of service

Whether you need an order of service for a funeral or a wedding we can print your bespoke documents for you

We get asked to help with all sorts of order of service, often at the eleventh hour.  For both sombre and happy events.  The current trend is towards using more colour in this sort of document  –  especially with ones that tell a story. As there is scope to bring together a collection of images and include a narrative on their life or feature fragments of letters, militaria or poetry.  Having the freedom to put together a bespoke document helps a family make it into a memento which is often valued and retained by attendees after the service. The popularity of ‘greener’ weddings means we do lots on recycled boards, for diy weddings and parties where the hosts want something more out of the ordinary.

If you would like to see some examples of previously produced documents – or to discuss suitable papers which are available then just give us a call.

So whether this is for a funeral or a wedding order of service  – carbon colour can print your document for you, or we could typeset and then create artwork for you;  or put forward suggestions for size, format, suitable materials and envelopes depending on what you are intending to produce.