On your mask, get set, go!

Enforcing the face mask rule means treading a thin line between turning away the business we all need right now, and protecting yourself and colleagues.

Because people respond better to a joke than an order, we created a range of light-hearted notices that strike the right tone between statutory and offbeat.

There are 9 of these temporary labels they are 140mm square, and each set costs £20. Alternatively, individual 200mm square notices are just £4 each. All prices include vat and delivery. Order today for delivery early next week.

Because we design and produce them ourselves, you can ask us to change any aspect to suit your workplace.

Call me, Paul Broadis, on 01235 438925 or email paul.b@carbon.co.uk for more details how we can help you make your workplace safe for the next phase.

You have no doubt heard that people are being allowed back to work with the proviso that guideline notices are in place.
We are offering custom made workplace social distancing notices and floor graphics. They are suitable for all types of floors including carpets
You will be able to choose your own design and make the instructions accurate and relevant. If you are fairly close we can also install them for you, getting them in place in plenty of time. Otherwise we will deliver them ready for you to put in place.
Here’s samples of notices we’ve recently produced to give you an idea how they could look.
Call me on 01235 438938 or email info@carbon.co.uk and we will be pleased to help.

Thank you NHS

A great big thank you to the NHS and key workers on a great big sign we produced and installed for MEPC at Milton Park


Yes, we are open!

We’ve had quite a few people asking if we are open and yes we are. If you do need any urgent printing or display work, particularly relevant to the current crisis, then call us on 01235 438938 or email info@carbon.co.uk and we will be pleased to help in any way we can.

Christmas Canvas

Wrapped canvas prints are our way of saying thank you this year to clients who we have done work for.

This sort of technique can easily be applied to almost any size of display panel. When made to sit off the wall with a floating mount the shadow helps give visual depth to what ever is on the panel, whether its text, an image or part of a series of signs.

recycling bins

Getting the right waste separated from recyclable materials has always been an issue, even with the best split bins.  Here we helped one client improve the distinction between what goes where, focussing on green / black in their focussed attempt to make a better job of what does and does not get sent to landfill.

car park signs on Milton Park

Even with the positive drive to get more people onto buses and bikes, the pressure on parking remains.  So the need for improved signage grows and recently we’ve been helping raise the profile of allocated parking across Milton Park.  Bespoke signs for different zones have been added to areas where parking has become something of an issue.


case bound books

Here’s something hot off the machines – a series of case bound books, produced as an add on to a job which is also produced as a more standard A4 saddle stitched booklet.

The text was printed colour on a nice smooth 170gsm Silk, it had plain matt black end papers added, the outer case was printed  and Matt Laminated, before being wrapped over .12 boards. Colleagues will tell you that Case bound books are valued more than soft cover perfect bound, they tend to command a premium and obviously take a little bit longer to produce as they are made by hand, unless you are producing a large number.

carbon colour offer in house perfect and PUR binding, so sometimes our clients like to treat their customers to a differently finished product.


print obsolescence

In the days when the PDF and web page is seen as the go to answer, print obsolescence is still a hot topic in the sales departments across the UK. Producing too much of something that can quickly change or go out of date is a nightmare, wasteful and easily solved with a digitally printed strategy. But it simply doesn’t need to be the case.

It’s funny how so many people have got hung up on paper useage recently, when virtually all the paper we use at carbon colour comes from either purpose grown forests, or part recycled sources that are sustainable and responsible..

The majority of the paper and  board we buy and print on comes from one merchant source with whom we have engaged in a capture scheme.

As a result of our participation in this Carbon Capture scheme initiated by the Woodland Trust;  for example in 2017 we captured 6,996kg of Carbon Dioxide.

In itself this meant almost 175 square metres of new mixed woodland was planted as a result of the work we have digitally printed on paper and board that is covered by the carbon capture scheme. In real terms this reflects a complete commitment by Carbon Colour to ensure it uses paper from sustainable sources, that we minimise any unnecessary waste of material and that we remain accountable for the environmental resources that we do use.  Because we specialise in short run products our useage is the opposite of other producers who buy paper by the ton, but we know that we can measure our contribution accurately ‘carbon captured’ – and we are proud to be part of this carbon capture scheme.

Woodland Carbon is the Woodland Trust’s unique scheme set up to help companies reduce their carbon footprint by locking up carbon emissions through the planting of trees. As a result this allows the Trust to create new woodland and harness nature’s simple and powerful way of removing carbon dioxide from the environment.

Unlike many conventional printers we measure our waste by the sheet not the binful, so its easy to be fully accountable and we are more than happy to show anyone concerned about what they deem waste through excess printing, both our studio where the work is produced, and help them audit their collateral from start to finish so we can help identify waste, opportunities to produce on demand rather than in bulk and how slight adjustments in procurement can help reduce obsolescence.


Beer Festival at the Perch

Look out for the latest posters we produced for the Perch in Binsey for their forthcoming Beer & Cider Festival. The 4/5/6th of May should be a great time to go see what is on offer.

The posters were printed on a 100% recycled paper – its just one of many choices we offer at carbon colour.