We worked with Matt of Think Noodle last year to help him develop his new educational game, and after a successful launch he’s now actively marketing the product to schools across the country and beyond. city-of-zombies-box-back Now City of Zombies has taken the top prize for best numeracy game, best family game AND players’ choice at the UK Games Expo held in Birmingham. The Best Numeracy Game category, for “games that count”, was judged by a panel of teachers and parents with experience of using games to teach maths.

City of Zombies is an engaging & fun co-operative board game. It requires players to work out dice combinations & explore resulting permutations in an effort to hit and remove waves of advancing Zombies.  Players take on the role of a Hero and team up to fight an ever advancing Zombie horde and can choose from 20 Hero cards in two different art styles.

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