In celebration of National Poetry Day this year: here’s an extract from an epic poem written by one of our dear friends, Heathcote Williams that was first published back in 1991.

IN 1885 Karl Benz constructed the first automobile.
It had three wheels, like an invalid car,
And ran on alcohol, like many drivers.
Since then about seventeen million people have been killed by them
In an undeclared war;
And the whole of the rest of the world is in danger of being run over
Due to squabbles about their oil.
If an alien was to hover a few hundred yards above the planet
It could be forgiven for thinking
That cars were the dominant life-form,
And that human beings were a kind of ambulatory fuel cell:
Injected when the car wished to move off,
And ejected when they were spent.

National Poetry day is today Thursday October 6th 2016.   National Poetry Day, the annual mass celebration of poetry and all things poetical. It is an initiative of the Forward Arts Foundation, a charity that celebrates excellence in poetry and widens its audience. We bring together leading poetry, literacy and literary organisations around a shared purpose: promoting the enjoyment, discovery and sharing of poetry – further details of its aims and events can be found here

For more information about the work of Heathcote Williams try wiki here

Or read an article in the Independent about his latest book Brexit Boris here

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