At carbon colour our short run post activities tend to be simple in house mailings – for businesses that need help, don’t either have the time or manpower to undertake the inserting required, or who simply don’t want to do the work in house. The mailing we do are generally less than a few thousand items; but this doesn’t mean we are limited to only lower quantities we can manage one off projects or put in place a plan to deal with regular activities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

And we’re more than happy to talk to you about dealing with any regular or higher volume mailing you need help with.  We fulfil various components for a national garage brand – creating certificates, letters and direct mail which gets released at intervals to follow sales and performance schedules.

We can produce personalised / custom printed branded outer envelopes for you, frank your letters blind or with the addition of your strapline, use pre-cancelled stamps from the Royal Mail if you prefer or carry out mailings using your or our PPI accounts whichever you think most effective.  In fact we can cope with most mail related requirements.

Dealing with multiple originals, dependant content in selective letters, matching, numbering, inserting, batch release and de-duping can all be coped with, just talk to us about what you need doing.  If you simply aren’t sure about what you need to do – give us a call, we’d be only too happy to help.



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