Occasionally we get asked to help transform a workspace, corridor or wall, but this month we undertook a complete transformation by applying liftshaft graphics in a large house on the Thames.  In the past we have done doors, inside panels, exterior areas and bespoke signage for lifts, but this was our first complete interior of liftshaft graphics.

In a private house that had recently been refurbished, we were asked to applied high resolution liftshaft graphics to a three storey domestic lift, wrapping doors, edges and control panels with a series of very colourful designs all of which had been painted by Mike Simmons (a set designer from Wallingford).  The inspiration for the very original designs came from a lively mixture of space related travel, a bit of Doctor Who and even a nod to Harry Potter.

Inside the finished liftshaft – the controls are incorporated into the design, even the emergency telephone is camouflaged.


The aim was to create an immersive experience for anyone travelling up or down in the lift – which is a platform version(only the platform base moves, the walls all remain exposed).  We started with a very plain grey liftshaft, eventually we applied graphics to the ceiling, up to the running gear and all over the control panel.  With bespoke graphics added to the interface it was quite difficult to image what it had looked like before the graphics had been applied.  The client was absolutely delighted with the result, which gave the family something completely unique, exciting and innovative.


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