As part of a new series of teaching guides for MusicBuds we helped create, print and bind some really effective bound books for music teachers.

The bound books happily lie flat and can accommodate a reasonably flexible page count.  Because we used our preferred paste-board wire-o-binding technique the different spine widths could be coped with, giving the additional benefit that when the series are on the shelf spines are fully legible, look like perfect bound books and if needed can be adjusted or updated without too much impact on the cover artworks.  As a result we’re already well into the first re-print of this series of bound books.

Find more details of the binding techniques we offer for bound books here
or find details of our paste bound wire binding here

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Musicbuds is a unique music-based programme for Early Years learning:

  • For children from 0 – 5
  • Developed by pedagogical experts in both the Early Years and Music
  • Tried and tested in hundreds of sessions in many countries
  • Supports both Music and Early Years’ learning objectives
  • Backing tracks with fluctuating tempos to support young learners
  • Originally crafted songs inspired by a range of musical genres and styles

Discover how Musicbuds excite and inspire children  here.



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