indoor display

Social distancing measures have forced many organizations and public bodies to look again at their ‘four walls’. And while we can certainly help with the – hopefully – short term challenges around pandemic-related signage, it is a good opportunity to re-appraise the spaces we view every day.

Public spaces whether they be retail or commercial office environments generally over time, become tired and uninspiring and will benefit from a new approach to indoor display. One great way to revamp an area or room is through the introduction of graphic panels in the form of framed prints, panels or banners. Without having to alter the structure of a space, colourful images and your logos produced in the form of printed wallpaper can change the whole tone and feel of an area.

Panels can be velcroed to walls and banners or hung from easy-to-install hooks from your ceiling. We also create custom shapes to fit into unusual spaces. Rigid panels can be applied using floating mounts to provide additional depth or using slick metal stand-off studs to make a statement. Banners can be produced on a range of fabrics, from heavy canvas through to semi-transparent voiles or meshes of various grades. We print onto self adhesive PVC, self cling window films, and offer a range of temporary and permanent wallpapers.


carbon colour will measure up your space and even help suggest the position and sizes of the images. All graphics are produced in house and we then fit them on site with minimum disruption to your business.

You can supply your own images or we help you chose from our extensive image library. Our design team will produce mock-up visuals of the graphics in situ to help you fine tune the fit, and we manipulate the images to produce anything from huge abstract montages right through to more formal gallery type displays.