greetings cards

We have been producing short run greetings cards for decades.  From the very simplest black & white greetings cards printed on high white wove board through full colour art cards printed on our standard coated silk material to bulky recycled boards packed with contrasting coloured envelopes wrapped individually in cello packs.

We have worked with a growing number of local artists over the years, helping to scan and colour balance a wide range of original artworks in a wide range of media, to create some beautiful yet bespoke greetings cards – many of which been extremely successful sellers.

Greeting Cards

individual on demand

A number of our clients have expanded their businesses to provide on-line offerings that create one off personalised cards, or packs of cards and as a result we receive, print and fulfil orders on a regular schedule for this sort of work.  Most of these greeting cards and announcement packs are personalised, they get packed with matching envelopes and despatched via the Royal Mail by carbon colour.

get published

If you have an organisation, local society, charity or just want to try your hand at producing some greetings cards for yourself, family, or friends – come and talk through the options available.  You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to get started, there’s no longer a massive price barrier to becoming your own art publisher and we can offer the right level of advice to make it painless.

We can scan your original artworks, colour balance and proof your illustrations – help format, re-touch and create masters to give your range of cards complete consistency.  If you need to add barcodes we can help source, format and implement them so you can satisfy retail outlets requirements.

greetings cards

here’s a couple of nice examples of our clients work:

birth-announcement-card-girls_1 camilla-photo-thank-you-cards Proofed cards