our green credentials

Our approach to being environmentally responsible
We work with leading paper providers to ensure we are able to offer an extensive range of recycled and forest certified qualities – as standard we offer to provide a quote for the recycled alternative on all jobs to enable customers to make an informed decision. This can help improve everyone’s environmental standards wherever possible. We offer advice to our customers to enable them to make their print as green as possible and we have a specialist in on-demand and web-to-print who is always available to discuss how best to change your current procurement methodology.

Our advice is offered free, and whilst sometimes it can be difficult to grasp the principle of spending more per unit cost, to produce less; in the long term the savings being made by those who have adopted a true on-demand model can be significant.

We methodically recycle all of our own waste, and dispose of all outdated electronic equipment to our local authority central recycling depot as well as managing the disposal of all:

  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Coloured paper and White paper
  • Envelopes and Cardboard
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Plastic PET bottles marked 1 and HDPE bottles marked 2
  • Aluminium and steel can
  • Liquid paper board – milk and juice cartons

We maintain best practice on every project
Our supplier relationships on green products enable us to negotiate better prices which we can pass on to our customers and attempt to make an environmental choice a more affordable option.
We take time to understand customers´ needs to assess feasibility of batch printing solutions which reduce production waste – these can also offer massive cost savings to customers.

Ensuring best practice across the business

We ensure that we establish and regularly audit environmental standards in the business.

We have chosen to centralise our production on Milton Park – this has the effect of reducing unnecessary waste of energy and resources as we no longer have to transfer between sites.
All our own marketing and stationery items are produced on responsibly sourced material, some is recycled, but we only ever produce what we need, and we have managed to bring the obsolescence of our own marketing materials to ZERO. This has been helped by the use of personalisation, and the on-demand nature of our business allows us to keep our production quantities under strict control.
We separate, re-use and recycle all waste unavoidably produced in the production processes we use, and in conjunction with our landlord’s recycling and environmental policies, the vast majority of ‘everything’ we discard is now 100% recycled.
We adopt environmental policies wherever possible including utilising energy provided from renewable sources, and recently invested in an environmentally friendly heating solution for our production facility which reduces carbon dioxide generation by up to half that of a standard solution. We also run a green office with policies overseen by our Environmental Officer such as turning off unneeded lights and computer equipment, and re-use of paper.
Our landlords, MEPC are fully compliant with the Hazardous Waste Act 2005 and all waste generated is segregated and collected for recycling by their licensed contractors.