gravitas layered board

Our standard heavyweight stock is a 380gsm board – we chose it because it’s bulky and takes colour really well.  But we realise fashions change and sometimes you want a product that is much thicker and there is often a need for more unusual substrates for covers, invitations and cards that stand out from the rest.

The solution we came up with is Gravitas – a series of materials which we can sandwich together, forming thicker products.  You can choose to add a layer from a range of different colours together to create a more distinctive effect and you can build up colours to create emphasis.









Gravitas can be built up to create thick cards from 540gsm up to 920gsm or more. This makes them more memorable, substantial and whilst adding weight this can also help enhance their importance and tactility – making any piece of marketing or personal stationery that bit more special.

Find details here of the other special effects we can offer.
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