Adding Gold Foil Vinyl to a relatively small number of personalised Gold Playstations for the National Lottery to celebrate the locations around the country that sold the winning tickets is one of the latest ideas put in place by the PR companies used by Camelot to promote the various games offered.

We used Gold Foil Vinyl to highlight the game, the winners name and the amount won, the winner was then asked to add a gold handprint to the new Gold Playstations that have been launched, and installed into the stores that sold them their successful ticket.

Base printed inlays were laminated, die cut to shape and then contour cut vinyl in a Gloss Gold Foil Vinyl was applied and distributed across the country to coincide with the winner attending a series of special events celebrating their win where their winning ticket was purchased.

The specially made Gold playstations are just part of a campaign to reverse the decline in revenues that has been seen briefly by Camelot.  The specially made Gold Playstations are being installed in the locations where the winning ticket was purchased from often with the winner themselves on hand to deliver the unit and add their own message to the play areas. Two of the first gold playstations to leave the warehouse were delivered by the lucky winners themselves.

Stamping their hands in Gold

Winners got to cover their hand with gold paint and make a handprint on the Feature area.  They could choose to write a personal message too.  The nature of their particular win was also featured in Gold Foil Vinyl.  Depending on whether they were individuals, belonged to a syndicate and had won on a scratchcard, Euromillions or Lotto.


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