One quite different way to approach a one off or short run book is to exploit french folding. It gives you the bonus of double thick pages, and the chance to add a bit of intrigue to the construction of your book.  Either by printing one side of a board with a special finish or surface, which then appears on the inside of your pages once they are ‘french folded’ or to print a contrasting colour, image or effect on the reverse.

It’s a useful option when your overall page count is relatively low and you want to give the effect of a more substantial book once its perfect bound, or when you want a more tactile finish to a document.

French folding essentially involves reverse folding 4pp sections back on themselves, and then binding the two open edges together with other sections.See example below as explanation.  Its a great technique when combined with outer covers with half folded flaps on them, or if dust jackets are added.



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