Knowing the the difference between concertina and french folding not only makes specifying your print easier, but it can also help create more interesting products.

There are lots of different ways a piece of paper can be folded – so understanding the basics always helps – here’s our handy guide to folding which we hope helps you figure out whether something is folded in half and half again, or is a parallel fold – and that’s before your start introducing short pages, throw outs and more complex paper engineering to create pop up’s, sliders or reveals.


So whether you know what you want and want to see if there’s an alternative, or if you just want a little inspiration for a new product leaflet or a booklet – head over to our case study section and have a look at what other people have been doing, or see more details about folding here.

If you can’t find what you want, or just want to talk through the practicalities then give us a call.



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