Every now and then we get set a challenge that is a bit out of the ordinary, and getting some embroidered bags to include as part of a clients promotional pack was no exception.

We sourced suitable sized bags to be embroidered in colours that resembled or complimented the clients corporate identity, helped size and mock up the look of the bag then sourced the embroidery, all in a matter of a few days.  Needless to say the winning participants carried their winning gifts away in style and the bags were well received by everyone.

Embroidered Bags 2


If you have a challenge you’d like to throw at us, whether for a piece of printed collateral, a one off to support an exhibition or presentation or a complete suite of marketing materials we would be only too delighted to help.

Give us a call today on 01235 438 938 and talk to one of our specialists.  We can advise on best use of materials, the right process for a particular item or help you find the right source for that elusive product. Embroidered bags are just one of the items that we got asked for this year so go on – surprise us.

creative help

From helping you with artwork, the design of an event or exhibition stand to implementing a new corporate identity we have a team ready to help.  We’re approachable, down to earth and because we are based on Milton Park in Oxfordshire really accessible, wherever you are. Come and discuss what you want to achieve, find out what else we can do and see some of the work we have done for other businesses in the south east of England and beyond.

Some of our client have been with us for years, they know we don’t over promise and we dislike being late, ever!  So when you need a project planned, implemented and delivered – whether its a large scale graphic installation or a simple brochure we really would like to help.


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