diptych or pentaptych

When artwork is arranged as a set of framed images, either split to make it appear larger, or as an artistically selected collection, a range of gallery terms are adopted to help describe them. The most popular are as follows:

  • diptych describes a two-part work of art;
  • triptych describes a three-part work;
  • tetraptych or quadriptych describes a work made of 4 parts;
  • pentaptych describes 5 parts;
  • hexaptych describes 6 parts;
  • heptaptych describes 7 parts;
  • octaptych is the term used for an eight-part, or eight-panel, work of art.

When a multiple part artwork is arranged they are known as polyptychs, which typically display one “central” or “main” panel that is (usually) the largest of the attachments, while the other elements of the arrangement are called “side” panels, or “wings”.

Our studio can help visualise these almost limitless arrangements and can easily mock up presentations which can aid the selection process.