One of the most unexpected crazes of 2015 was adults colouring in – at home, on the commute, at libraries – and just for fun.

According to the Guardian recently “If invitations to “Discover your inner creative” make your soul cry, look away now. Adult colouring-in books are now a thing, and craft-loving, artsy people the world over are regressing to the mental age of seven. When they’re not playing Candy Crush or Flappy Bird, busy city-dwellers are turning to crayons and felt-tips for their soothing and therapeutic qualities. While in the past people had to wait until they had children to sneakily rediscover the joys of colouring-in, now you can proudly buy colouring books for yourself alone”.

So if you find yourself wanting to try this new craze for your self, why not colour in this copy of our own ‘carbon colouring in book.  Give us a call and we’ll get one to you!  Free set of crayons to the first twenty requests…

Colouring in book



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