These MOT date prompt and test reminders are great examples of simple client communications  – we developed the programme using post as the prime media to communicate with the customers of Motorlux.  We designed the cards, printed them and then mailed them – staggering their release to suit the month in which the target vehicle was due to renew its MOT.

These A5 cards were the first direct mailing activity we ran at carbon colour using the new Royal Mail barcode PPI which when coupled with the benefits of short run colour printing allows the client to mix its marketing message, target the individual, highlight pertinent data to the recipient and deliver support to the brand.

At carbon colour we do all sorts of client communications – we print, pack, collate, stuff, produce envelopes, add labels, match contents, nest forms and information leaflets, collate inserts, seal and prepare for post, or simply finish and pack items and deliver bulk to your door.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you design your next piece of outbound direct mail, or solve a particular problem you might have – give carbon colour a call and one of us will be only too delighted to help.

call us today on 01235 438 938

One area in which we excel is in dealing with last minute, short run solutions – which might involve adapting an existing idea, executing part of a plan or helping test several ideas at once, to inform measurement and response for a bigger marketing implementation plan.

carbon colour can help segment your data, add trackable codes or barcodes where relevant as well as source unusual outers, enclosures and promotional items to make your mak


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