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When the clients brief for their IFU (INSTRUCTION FOR USE) is to ensure that the whole document can be immersed in water, splashed with a range of bodily fluid types and be successfully wiped clear, the choice for carbon colour was relatively simple. We suggested the use of a polyester material which prints really well, is available in a range of thicknesses and when bound with plastic coils means the finished book utterly complied with the clients brief.

NeverTear is a highly developed, printable media made of bright white polyester. It is perfectly optimised for both colour and mono printing. The smooth, matt surface enables a vibrant image and excellent toner bonding. Premium NeverTear has a value-added look and feel for the production of durable prints that get handled frequency. Its also tear resistant, and can be die cut and finished for many applications.

Oil & Grease Resistant IFU

More importantly it is water, oil and grease resistant. The thinner calliper versions have a soft, smooth feel whilst the thicker versions have an impressive rigidity. It achieves its own strength and durability without the use of lamination – both of which save you time and money.

Instructions for Use (IFU’s) or user guides can often be quite complex, detailed and extensive documents, especially when there is a need for multiple languages to be incorporated into the finished book.  Because we print in collated order it is virtually impossible to create books which have missing or mis-collated pages in them, covers and or pages can all be made individual to improve chain or custody or simply to encourage ownership of the document or equipment it relates to.

Nevertear is available in lightweight sheets from the relatively thin 95µm to the more substantial 350µm.



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