Novarix develops innovative medical devices in the field of Intravenous (IV) therapy and brings them to market. carbon colour worked closely with them to design, typeset and artwork this complex ‘twelve language’ user manual for use in Western Europe.  It was printed in Black & White with a colour section for the UK English section – other languages were separated by a tabbed edge allowing better identification.

A good manual should be legible, easy to read and it should be easy to find particular information quickly and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be beautiful to look at too.

IV Therapy is used on a widespread basis across the world to aid the treatment of patients in hospitals, administering fluid, drugs, and nutrition. Over 1bn cannulas are used worldwide on an annual basis and an estimated 90% of all hospital admissions in the USA involve having a cannula inserted. Taking a blood sample is one of the most common medical practices in both the acute and primary care sectors.  Their latest product is the IV-eye, a near infra-red vein imaging device designed to aid clinicians in finding good veins for both cannulation and blood sampling.





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