ideas: die cut cards

Cutting to shape can be really complex or just very simple like this room tag

Folded business cards with a single rounded corners are just one of the great ideas from we have seen recently and which we really like.  Die cutting to shape is feasible once you need a hundred or more items – but if the shape is complex we might recommend using a laser to cut rather than the more traditional blade option.  Mounting or laminating before cutting to shape can add strength and longevity to a product but it really does depend on what you want to produce.

On tiny quantities cutting to shape can be cost prohibitive, but laser cutting of some materials can produce fabulous results when used appropriately. As can cutting out by hand especially if you only need one or two of something – perhaps as a sample of mock up before committing to a full production run.  We can add slots for event or site passes, round corner or radius corner and we have a small selection of hole punches and drills that mean we can add holes of a range of sizes in sorts of places.

When it comes to complex shape cutting – whether its folders or hanging devices we might already have a die (cutting forme) which can be used and when combined with our Gravitas board products thicker results can easily be produced.