Our business cards can be printed on just one or both sides, we normally use our standard stock which is a 380gsm board as it’s bulky and takes colour really well.

We also offer Gravitas which allows us to create and build up particularly thick cards that start at 650gsm you can add a range of inner cores (in a number of colours) which allows us to use increased weights of up to 920gsm.

Your cards can also be laminated if you want to either protect them, further increase their thickness or even cut them to shape to make them different; or you could use spot gloss to highlight elements of your brand, add other finishes or create a folded version. With lamination remember that Gloss one side and Matt on the reverse is possible!

We can also work with bespoke finishes and even double mount your cards to give multiple layers of different colours…


here’s one card designed
82 in Edinburgh
that we really liked !

We also offer a whole host of special effects to make your business that bit different, from building up coloured layers, extra thick cards, cutting to shape and lamination.

If you are struggling to maintain the management of your corporate guidelines and you want all of your cards to conform with the least amount of fuss then you should talk to us about using our web to print solution.  Designed to manage all of your corporate materials from the simplest business card through to whole marcomms inventory.


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