reminder peel off magnets

Motorlux have several brands under their umbrella and needed help to develop a solution which would drive existing customers back to their dealerships – by offering a special offer price for an MOT and adding in supplementary services including free coffee and a danish at a local deli as well as offering a local pick up and delivery service.

By creating a flexible template we could accept data from both brands and then communicate relevant dates and the registration of the car which is due its MOT easily and quickly.  Printing in date order means staggered release is possible with the intention of allowing the service desk to keep its inbound bookings in check.



Here’s a game we recently helped prototype – now it’s gone into production and is proving really popular with schools across the country.



products: forms

We can print in colour or black only onto a range of NCR carbonless papers, make them into loose pads, collate as single sets, or bind them into neat pads with wrap over covers and backboards.

Our ability to react quickly makes us perfect for those projects where you simply have got ‘no time’ left to launch a product and you still need compliance literature to back up or substantiate your research – or in situations where you want to marked test a couple of versions of a particular piece of literature.

Complicated multiple part CRF projects are easy using carbon colour, and as seen below we employed a much heavier weight backing sheet and bound these as patient records – all of which helped ensure data is kept safe and secure during the whole research period.

When it comes to simple one part forms the choice is easy, most of the paper we use can be easily written on with a ball point pen or biro – and as we proof almost every job on the paper it will be printed on you can check yourself that you are getting the result you need.  Some of the specialist plastics we use are less successful, but dry wipe laminates applied to forms which need to be continually updated (like rest room check lists) makes life easier when you want a more sustainable solution.

Pads of forms can easily be made up – whether as multiple part printed one or both sides.  Or if you prefer your forms can be glued as sets – an option favoured by some organisations as it makes it easy to share out amongst different users.

We can also offer numbering, bar coding or the addition of security referencing / watermarking in colour or clear highlight to make your forms more secure, unique or more easily traceable.



product: business cards

Our business cards can be printed on just one or both sides, we normally use our standard stock which is a 380gsm board as it’s bulky and takes colour really well.

We also offer Gravitas which allows us to create and build up particularly thick cards that start at 650gsm you can add a range of inner cores (in a number of colours) which allows us to use increased weights of up to 920gsm.

Your cards can also be laminated if you want to either protect them, further increase their thickness or even cut them to shape to make them different; or you could use spot gloss to highlight elements of your brand, add other finishes or create a folded version. With lamination remember that Gloss one side and Matt on the reverse is possible!

We can also work with bespoke finishes and even double mount your cards to give multiple layers of different colours…


here’s one card designed
82 in Edinburgh
that we really liked !

We also offer a whole host of special effects to make your business that bit different, from building up coloured layers, extra thick cards, cutting to shape and lamination.

If you are struggling to maintain the management of your corporate guidelines and you want all of your cards to conform with the least amount of fuss then you should talk to us about using our web to print solution.  Designed to manage all of your corporate materials from the simplest business card through to whole marcomms inventory.



The Draft Northamptonshire Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) Report 2015 went out for public consultation on 9 December 2014.consultation
PNAs are used by the NHS to decide whether to approve applications for new pharmacies and it is used by commissioners to identify local health needs that could be addressed by pharmacy services.

Northamptonshire County Council was consulting on pharmaceutical service needs in the area and so residents were invited to have their say.

Anyone who uses local pharmaceutical services, e.g. chemists, is encouraged to comment on a draft PNA by completing an online survey. The consultation was open from December to February 2015 – the survey link can be found online at

We produced a reply envelope and managed the response process, produced a colour executive summary, a poster, packed with a handful of  questionnaires and posted these all out together with a covering letter all in a matter of days.


ideas: die cut cards

Folded business cards with a single rounded corners are just one of the great ideas from we have seen recently and which we really like.  Die cutting to shape is feasible once you need a hundred or more items – but if the shape is complex we might recommend using a laser to cut rather than the more traditional blade option.  Mounting or laminating before cutting to shape can add strength and longevity to a product but it really does depend on what you want to produce.

On tiny quantities cutting to shape can be cost prohibitive, but laser cutting of some materials can produce fabulous results when used appropriately. As can cutting out by hand especially if you only need one or two of something – perhaps as a sample of mock up before committing to a full production run.  We can add slots for event or site passes, round corner or radius corner and we have a small selection of hole punches and drills that mean we can add holes of a range of sizes in sorts of places.

When it comes to complex shape cutting – whether its folders or hanging devices we might already have a die (cutting forme) which can be used and when combined with our Gravitas board products thicker results can easily be produced.