book stand

a simple book stand which is strong and easily versioned

carbon colour recently developed a simple book display stand as a result of a client request for a flat pack device that could be shipped easily and economically but also be personalised if required. We also produce show cards in the same way – one of the simplest devices and great for use in shop windows and at trade shows.

The solution was a mounted and die cut book stand that can support a reasonable size bound book or collection of books, is strong enough to withstand general wear and tear and is very simple to assemble.

If you need a book stand for your next exhibition or book fair then give us a call, we would love to help.

One of our more unusual was to create some metallic beer bottle labels to support an exhibition event.  It was to help promote a specialist packaging provider who focuses on the safe transport, storage and disposal of radioactive materials.

So if beer is mentioned we usually listen more attentively than usual.  We were delighted to help design, artwork and manufacture a small number of bottle labels.  These were to be used as give aways on an exhibition stand. (we also produce exhibition systems find out more here)

From the clients brief to production of the labels we only had a couple of days to create artwork for two variants. Which we printed in colour onto a brushed metallic base and contour cut them to shape. Ready for the labels to be applied to the bottles of craft beer the client had already purchased from their local brewer.

There were two types of beer involved, a light and a dark – so apart from the obvious text that needed to alter, used to describe the product, its density and ABV the differentiator – the client wanted to replicate a style that their industry contacts would recognise.

One simple idea we helped develop was a relatively small quantity of biscuit tins that needed to be branded for the AA Garage Guide.  It was prohibitively expensive to print direct when the required quantity was so low, so we simply cut a vinyl label to shape and applied it.  The box formed part of a collection of collateral which included direct mail, outbound letters, window stickers, leaflets and dispensers as well as branded envelopes to help ensure they stood out on the doormat.

In another example of a quick solution to a problem – we printed and cut vinyl to shape and applied it to some off the shelf drinking bottle which were used as part of the hand out pack for a client’s motivation day.

when it comes to T Towel packaging, carbon colour can help with selecting the right material to compliment your product, advise on size, content and use of illustration or photography.
Or if you need some further help our studio can design and produce ideas for you, whether its a belly band, sleeve or packet –  or if you prefer we can work with your artwork as long as it’s supplied in a suitable format.

We can offer lots of other options to help you create custom packaging for your products, from the simplest plastic sleeve with an inlay to the wrap around which continues to be a very popular solution.

Wrap around belly bands for T Towels and other products can be made to almost any size and branded with your logo in a very short period of time.

Carbon colour can help with other packaging options and we can source a whole range of things which can include printed bags, carton gift boxes with windows, pillow boxes, hanging tags, window mobiles, shelf strips and pack inlays etc.

Here’s an award winning retailer’s window.

This Bee themed window at Stocks put itself forward in the Henley on Thames Regatta ‘Shop Window competition’ and found itself voted one of the best shop windows in 2017.  Sandie Russell of Stocks said, “We’re really pleased to get an award in our first year of entering.

she went on to say “Our window featured bee pictures by local artist Tasmin Pyper. Our whole ethos is to promote the best of local. Tasmin has created some special cards and notelets for Henley which include oars and swans.”

Carbon Colour produced hexagonal hanging cards which were suspended from the interior ceiling, and make it appear that bees are in the window space.

One of the most cost effective ways to consider promoting your event or business is by providing leaflets explaining the details or expanding on the services offered and making them available in a leaflet dispenser.  The backing board of the twist and lock dispensers we produce can each be unique – so the opportunity to personalise to town, street or outlet is completely feasible and will only be limited by your imagination.

The advantages of a well designed twist and lock dispenser have been exploited by the AA Garage Guide who have tweaked their marketing (because digital print allows them to easily) and because the dispenser can be sent out essentially ‘flat’.  So there are savings in postage and packing to be considered too.

Folded business cards with a single rounded corners are just one of the great ideas from we have seen recently and which we really like.  Die cutting to shape is feasible once you need a hundred or more items – but if the shape is complex we might recommend using a laser to cut rather than the more traditional blade option.  Mounting or laminating before cutting to shape can add strength and longevity to a product but it really does depend on what you want to produce.

On tiny quantities cutting to shape can be cost prohibitive, but laser cutting of some materials can produce fabulous results when used appropriately. As can cutting out by hand especially if you only need one or two of something – perhaps as a sample of mock up before committing to a full production run.  We can add slots for event or site passes, round corner or radius corner and we have a small selection of hole punches and drills that mean we can add holes of a range of sizes in sorts of places.

When it comes to complex shape cutting – whether its folders or hanging devices we might already have a die (cutting forme) which can be used and when combined with our Gravitas board products thicker results can easily be produced.

When large window display items needed to be fabricated Blackwells turned to carbon colour allowing us to exploit both our ability to print quickly in large format, but to cut to shape, make up and assemble a set of giant books which when arranged in the Broad Street store window looked great!

It’s quite difficult to show off the scale of these 3D items – but at almost a metre high these were really impressive props.

carbon colour can also produce mock up bound books when needed with printed or blank pages – just the thing to help support an initial launch or marketing activity.