Shop Window

Here’s an award winning retailer’s window.

This Bee themed window at Stocks put itself forward in the Henley on Thames Regatta ‘Shop Window competition’ and found itself voted one of the best shop windows in 2017.  Sandie Russell of Stocks said, “We’re really pleased to get an award in our first year of entering.

she went on to say “Our window featured bee pictures by local artist Tasmin Pyper. Our whole ethos is to promote the best of local. Tasmin has created some special cards and notelets for Henley which include oars and swans.”

Carbon Colour produced hexagonal hanging cards which were suspended from the interior ceiling, and make it appear that bees are in the window space.



Here’s a game we recently helped prototype – now it’s gone into production and is proving really popular with schools across the country.



case study: postage stamps




Not every stamp is singular, not every mailing requires a stamp to be applied, but this set of stamps shown became singularly famous for being creative, memorable and recognisable.





ideas: xmas

One of the simplest cards for years – a beautifully die cut card that was ram punched for Johnson Banks.



ideas: Royal Mail

Our own corporate identity seems to have somehow been influenced by this Royal Mail stamp issue which was issued as part of its millenium series entitled Fire and Light. The 64-pence “Lighting Croydon’s skyline” stamp features a photograph by David Montgomery and appears in the second phase of the Royal Mail’s Year 2000 Millennium Collection. It captures the spectacular, environmentally-friendly lighting scheme installed on Croydon’s skyline.



ideas: creative82

One beautifully crafted business card we saw recently was done by a design consultancy from north of the border – Creative82 – of Edinburgh!



ideas: stihl

This brand manual is really up there with the best, did someone really get paid to have this much fun?

Iconika was asked create a brand lock-up that would comply with global guidelines but would function as a campaign identity. Keeping true to the campaign concept a brand guidelines was subsequently created that was not only functional, but truly embodied the STIHL: Making It Easy campaign concept and kept the focus on the back yard. The brand strategy is to create a sustainable backyard environment that is made easy by the market-leading STIHL products, and therefore create sustainability for the STIHL brand in the consumer sector.



ideas: our portfolio

Here’s a selection of our own studio’s work assembled into a simple portfolio which we have really enjoyed working on

coming soon



ideas: eye magazine

This magazine showcases some of the most exciting new work



the phillips screwhead

Henry F. Phillips (1890–1958) was a US businessman from Portland, Oregon. The Phillips-head (“crosshead”) screw and screwdriver are named after him.

The importance of the crosshead screw design lies in its self-centering property, useful on automated production lines that use powered screwdrivers. Phillips’ major contribution was in driving the crosshead concept forward to the point where it was adopted by screwmakers and automobile companies.


An engineer, Phillips was an acquaintance of John P. Thompson, who sold his self-centering design to Phillips in 1935 after failing to interest manufacturers. Phillips formed the Phillips Screw Company in 1934, and after refining the design himself (U.S. Patent #2,046,343, U.S. Patents #2,046,837 to 2,046,840) for the American Screw Company of Providence, Rhode Island, succeeded in getting the design quickly adopted by industry.One of the first customers, in 1937, was General Motors for its Cadillac assembly-lines. By 1940, 85% of U.S. screw manufacturers had a license for the design.

featured phillips