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Shop Window

From the simplest bit of window applied vinyl to bespoke suspended mobiles


Here’s a game we recently helped prototype – now it’s gone into production and is proving really[…]

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case study: postage stamps

carbon colour can if required produce everything from the size of a postage stamp…

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ideas: xmas

One of the simplest cards for years – a beautifully die cut card that was ram punched[…]

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ideas: Royal Mail

the spectacular, environmentally-friendly lighting scheme installed on Croydon’s skyline gets close to our colons

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ideas: creative82

One beautifully crafted business card we saw recently was done by a design consultancy from north of[…]

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ideas: stihl

a set of global guidelines that would function as a campaign identity for Stihl this is one[…]

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ideas: our portfolio

Here’s a selection of our own studio’s work assembled into a simple portfolio which we have really[…]

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ideas: eye magazine

This magazine showcases some of the most exciting new work  

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the phillips screwhead

the Phillips-head or “crosshead” screw and screwdriver was originated by JPThompson

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