A case report form (or CRF) is a paper or electronic questionnaire(s) specifically used in clinical trial research. Today the trend is towards single leaf documentation, and the need or desire for carbonless pages has diminished.

carbon colour can originate, edit, adapt and implement artwork, manage and audit the revision process and then produce content, folders and packaging – then control the whole distribution and shipping worldwide as required by the trial.

The Case Report Form is the tool used by the sponsor of a clinical trial to collect data from each participating site. All data on each patient participating in a clinical trial are held and/or documented in the CRF, including adverse events. The sponsor of the clinical trial develops the CRF to collect the specific data they need in order to test their hypotheses or answer their research questions. The extent of a CRF can range from a handwritten one-time ‘snapshot’ of a patient’s physical condition to many hundreds of pages of electronically capturable data obtained over a period of time. (It can also include records of required check-up visits months after the patient’s treatment has stopped.) Usually contained in a bespoke binder or booklet the size and format can be tailored to suit the geographic market or demographic.  Production in multiple languages is often a pre-requisite.

The sponsor is normally responsible for designing the content of a CRF that accurately represents the protocol of the clinical trial, as well as managing its production, monitoring the data collection and auditing the content of the filled-in CRFs. Good form design helps both the clinician and patient enter / record accurate information, and handwritten (fillable) forms have the advantage of speed, quick selection using tick box answers and the benefit of hard copy recording for audit management.


Report & Accounts

High speed production helps when we get asked to produce Report & Accounts. carbon colour have produced R&A for all kinds of businesses, large, small, scientific, educational and emerging.

This work is often the only job where the accountants choose to break all the rules of timely submission and prudent use of print budgets.  Good planning ahead will always save you money, as will careful choice of materials and use of colour. We specialise in short run reports, we laminate and bind in house so when it comes to sensitive content confidentiality is not an issue.



case study: vehicle decals

We apply multiple colour vinyl to all sorts of vehicle from the largest HGV down to the smallest driving instruction vehicle.

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half canadian

Half-Canadian binding uses a heavyweight board cover – allowing a brochure, book or manual etc to partially hide the Wire-O bind inside the cover – this helps improve the appearance of a publication, and allows you to exploit the spine area – making it more useful on the bookshelf.

We can also offer full Canadian binding where the wire is visible front and back, or a range of versions where the wire is completely hidden by the spine.

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