postcard dm

Local Ford dealership Motorlux of Wantage wanted some help to increase footfall at their weekend launch of the all new Fiesta and used a postcard dm to do this.

carbon colour helped by editing copy, creating artwork and then printing / mailing from segmented data two forms of invitation to existing customers and prospective buyers who had expressed an interest in the Fiesta, and a VIP list of guests who got a separate set of details and were invited to an evening event at the beginning of what proved to be a very busy weekend for Motorlux.

the advantages of direct mail

Because we offer everything required to design, print and release this sort of postcard dm to the Royal Mail it was only a matter of a few days from start to finish.  Being so flexible when it comes to producing short run direct mail pieces has huge advantages for both us and you the client.  It means we don’t have to wait for a separate mailing house to process or frank our mail, as we have our own account with the Mail, we can cope with last minute alterations, spot and repair imperfections in your data and offer all the additional adds ons like lamination too.


Report & Accounts

PUR binding is particularly relevant when finishing a fast moving Report & Accounts that needs to remain intact as a book once bound.  carbon colour can both perfect bind and PUR in house so when the pressure is on we know we can fulfil even the tightest schedule.

Once again RM turned to us for the print of their Annual Report and Financial Statements.  This year was less fraught than previous and everyones schedule from creative through to shareholder mailing fell into place smoothly.


post inter-screw solution

This is a great addition to our list of print solutions.  The client needed a method of adding and updating the contents of a report which they could only print and hole punch.  So we came up with a simple


Lay Flat Books

Whilst we specialise in short run print production, it is not always possible to produce small quantities of lay flat books particularly economically – so sometimes when this is the preferred option for binding it’s best to just accept that it commands a premium, can work incredibly well if the right design touch is applied and it’s not always appropriate.  If your book doesn’t exploit content that works across the spread of the pages of a book, then there are more cost effective ways to bind it which you should consider.

Here are two examples of A4 Portrait Lay Flat books  – one was for several hundred books printed colour throughout with Soft Touch Laminate and White Foil to the outer covers and the second was only two books for a degree show held on Brick Lane which used 540gsm board for the pages, had cut vinyl applied to the cover and was printed colour throughout.

The real benefit that comes from this method of binding is stylistic – you don’t have folded pages butting up which you get when books are saddle stitched, or tight gutters into the spine when glued using perfect binding (or PUR) and the result appears to be one continuous page with just a fold in the middle.  So when you are using large photos or maps across a spread ‘lay flat binding’ comes into its own.  It is a more expensive method of binding your books but it gives you the opportunity to show off your content to great effect.


reminder peel off magnets

Motorlux have several brands under their umbrella and needed help to develop a solution which would drive existing customers back to their dealerships – by offering a special offer price for an MOT and adding in supplementary services including free coffee and a danish at a local deli as well as offering a local pick up and delivery service.

By creating a flexible template we could accept data from both brands and then communicate relevant dates and the registration of the car which is due its MOT easily and quickly.  Printing in date order means staggered release is possible with the intention of allowing the service desk to keep its inbound bookings in check.


literature review

In 2015 the British Franchise Association asked us to conduct a literature review of their membership and event documentation which had become confused, slightly outdated and a little tired. With relatively little new photography available we created a new and visually strong identity, streamlined their over fussy logotype and established a typographic styling that worked well even without the support of new pictures.

The end result was a crisper look to documents with more colour being used to identify the product type and pages less cluttered so that they were easier to digest, even when large amounts of text were required.


bfa proposals


Organox IFU

When the clients brief for their IFU (INSTRUCTION FOR USE) is to ensure that the whole document can be immersed in water, splashed with a range of bodily fluid types and be successfully wiped clear, the choice for carbon colour was relatively simple. We suggested the use of a polyester material which prints really well, is available in a range of thicknesses and when bound with plastic coils means the finished book utterly complied with the clients brief.

NeverTear is a highly developed, printable media made of bright white polyester. It is perfectly optimised for both colour and mono printing. The smooth, matt surface enables a vibrant image and excellent toner bonding. Premium NeverTear has a value-added look and feel for the production of durable prints that get handled frequency. Its also tear resistant, and can be die cut and finished for many applications.

Oil & Grease Resistant IFU

More importantly it is water, oil and grease resistant. The thinner calliper versions have a soft, smooth feel whilst the thicker versions have an impressive rigidity. It achieves its own strength and durability without the use of lamination – both of which save you time and money.

Instructions for Use (IFU’s) or user guides can often be quite complex, detailed and extensive documents, especially when there is a need for multiple languages to be incorporated into the finished book.  Because we print in collated order it is virtually impossible to create books which have missing or mis-collated pages in them, covers and or pages can all be made individual to improve chain or custody or simply to encourage ownership of the document or equipment it relates to.

Nevertear is available in lightweight sheets from the relatively thin 95µm to the more substantial 350µm.



RM 2015

A well planned production schedule for this Report and Account allowed all the regulatory dates to be adhered to, the natural concerns of the management team were met as submitting a year end report and accounts is vital to any listed company and the expectations of the creative team were all satisfied.  With less than three days from start to finish everything went to plan and the reports went into the mailing house ahead of schedule.



Novarix user manual

Novarix develops innovative medical devices in the field of Intravenous (IV) therapy and brings them to market. carbon colour worked closely with them to design, typeset and artwork this complex ‘twelve language’ user manual for use in Western Europe.  It was printed in Black & White with a colour section for the UK English section – other languages were separated by a tabbed edge allowing better identification.

A good manual should be legible, easy to read and it should be easy to find particular information quickly and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be beautiful to look at too.

IV Therapy is used on a widespread basis across the world to aid the treatment of patients in hospitals, administering fluid, drugs, and nutrition. Over 1bn cannulas are used worldwide on an annual basis and an estimated 90% of all hospital admissions in the USA involve having a cannula inserted. Taking a blood sample is one of the most common medical practices in both the acute and primary care sectors.  Their latest product is the IV-eye, a near infra-red vein imaging device designed to aid clinicians in finding good veins for both cannulation and blood sampling.





RM Results

Two thousand books bound PUR with wrap back cover and die cut centre panel.