postcard dm

Local Ford dealership Motorlux of Wantage wanted some help to increase footfall at their weekend launch of the all new Fiesta and used a postcard dm to do this.

carbon colour helped by editing copy, creating artwork and then printing / mailing from segmented data two forms of invitation to existing customers and prospective buyers who had expressed an interest in the Fiesta, and a VIP list of guests who got a separate set of details and were invited to an evening event at the beginning of what proved to be a very busy weekend for Motorlux.

the advantages of direct mail

Because we offer everything required to design, print and release this sort of postcard dm to the Royal Mail it was only a matter of a few days from start to finish.  Being so flexible when it comes to producing short run direct mail pieces has huge advantages for both us and you the client.  It means we don’t have to wait for a separate mailing house to process or frank our mail, as we have our own account with the Mail, we can cope with last minute alterations, spot and repair imperfections in your data and offer all the additional adds ons like lamination too.


branded tins

One simple idea we helped develop was a relatively small quantity of biscuit tins that needed to be branded for the AA Garage Guide.  It was prohibitively expensive to print direct when the required quantity was so low, so we simply cut a vinyl label to shape and applied it.  The box formed part of a collection of collateral which included direct mail, outbound letters, window stickers, leaflets and dispensers as well as branded envelopes to help ensure they stood out on the doormat.

In another example of a quick solution to a problem – we printed and cut vinyl to shape and applied it to some off the shelf drinking bottle which were used as part of the hand out pack for a client’s motivation day.


rally support materials

Toyota Gazoo rally team supporters competition, course guides and stage mapping.

Recently we completed a series of supporting documents for the beginning of the 2017 WRC season where the first event of the year was being held at Monte Carlo – and the Toyota GAZOO rally team were competing.

From entry forms, matching lanyards, information sheets and in-car route guides we printed and finished everything needed on time, ready for the support teams to leave on schedule from the UK.

Having worked on the Swedish event held in Torsby in February when the rally ventured deep into the frozen and remote forests of Sweden and Norway we have also worked on Sardinia and more recently the Finnish leg of the tour.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WRT team is comprised of the most passionate, determined rally specialists. As Tommi Mäkinen, the team principal, says “the key to creating a winning vehicle is to put together a team of professionals who share a singular focus and love what they do. Our team will show the world what Toyota’s ‘I love cars!’ spirit is all about as we work diligently towards our goals.”  Now the team is revved up, and you can be sure that TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WRT team will be ready to roar at the FIA World Rally Championship 2017.



reminder peel off magnets

Motorlux have several brands under their umbrella and needed help to develop a solution which would drive existing customers back to their dealerships – by offering a special offer price for an MOT and adding in supplementary services including free coffee and a danish at a local deli as well as offering a local pick up and delivery service.

By creating a flexible template we could accept data from both brands and then communicate relevant dates and the registration of the car which is due its MOT easily and quickly.  Printing in date order means staggered release is possible with the intention of allowing the service desk to keep its inbound bookings in check.


twist and lock

One of the most cost effective ways to consider promoting your event or business is by providing leaflets explaining the details or expanding on the services offered and making them available in a leaflet dispenser.  The backing board of the twist and lock dispensers we produce can each be unique – so the opportunity to personalise to town, street or outlet is completely feasible and will only be limited by your imagination.

The advantages of a well designed twist and lock dispenser have been exploited by the AA Garage Guide who have tweaked their marketing (because digital print allows them to easily) and because the dispenser can be sent out essentially ‘flat’.  So there are savings in postage and packing to be considered too.


products: forms

We can print in colour or black only onto a range of NCR carbonless papers, make them into loose pads, collate as single sets, or bind them into neat pads with wrap over covers and backboards.

Our ability to react quickly makes us perfect for those projects where you simply have got ‘no time’ left to launch a product and you still need compliance literature to back up or substantiate your research – or in situations where you want to marked test a couple of versions of a particular piece of literature.

Complicated multiple part CRF projects are easy using carbon colour, and as seen below we employed a much heavier weight backing sheet and bound these as patient records – all of which helped ensure data is kept safe and secure during the whole research period.

When it comes to simple one part forms the choice is easy, most of the paper we use can be easily written on with a ball point pen or biro – and as we proof almost every job on the paper it will be printed on you can check yourself that you are getting the result you need.  Some of the specialist plastics we use are less successful, but dry wipe laminates applied to forms which need to be continually updated (like rest room check lists) makes life easier when you want a more sustainable solution.

Pads of forms can easily be made up – whether as multiple part printed one or both sides.  Or if you prefer your forms can be glued as sets – an option favoured by some organisations as it makes it easy to share out amongst different users.

We can also offer numbering, bar coding or the addition of security referencing / watermarking in colour or clear highlight to make your forms more secure, unique or more easily traceable.



The New Ford Focus

When Julians of Didcot decided to do a VIP invitation inviting their customers to come and see the newly launched Ford Focus they turned to us for some help.

carbon colour had already re-drawn their logo to improve the clarity of the available version which was not helping maintain either the brand support of Julians or their position as a successful local Ford Dealer.

By reacting quickly and being reactive we allowed the sales team at Julian to edit and correct the content of their invites before they were printed and delivered ready to be franked and sent out to previous Focus owners.

Ford Focus_Page_01 Ford Focus_Page_03


Julians of Didcot

With the special event Ford were running across the country Julians of Didcot used us to adapt their artwork and send them directly to their customer base.

97500 A5 Mailer-merged (2)_Page_02


case study: vehicle decals

We apply multiple colour vinyl to all sorts of vehicle from the largest HGV down to the smallest driving instruction vehicle.

carJob-3 carJob carJob-2