surveys in the care environment

We are always keen to visit your site and discuss the project brief. We measure the areas and zones you want to display in and then return with a detailed site report enabling us to form a broad outline of the work involved and desired outcome within your budget. We also demonstrate how the artworks could be presented and how the images will be installed, showing you options for production and finishing in terms of materials and fixings.

When the final number of panels desired has been established, we are able to give accurate costs for the whole project, with options on how we can amend the work to meet any budget requirements.
The report allows you to review locations and to make a start on the actual selection of proposed images from our proposal. This is a continual dialogue to make sure everyone is kept aware of all developments.
image sourcing
We have a library of over 6000 images that we hold. All the pictures are high resolution and are capable of being enlarged considerably without a noticeable loss of image quality. We hold licenses for all images and are therefore able to use them in any location.
We also commission photography and special artworks when required. We have a wide range of contacts we can call on to supply specific images or graphic devices.
production and fitting
All production, including print and finishing, is performed in-house. This gives us complete control over the quality of the end product. It also means we are able to meet the most stringent of deadlines and can quickly react to any changes throughout the project. You are always more than welcome to call in our studio to see how your work is progressing.
Our team of fitters are used to the demands of fitting graphics in the healthcare environment and are happy to fit in with the smooth running of the centre, including night time and weekend installations.