calendars & cards

At carbon colour our studio has a selection of calendars and cards – and some templates which you are welcome to adopt, or you can design something unique.  We have an extensive library of photographic images which you might consider for your 2014 calendar, or we can work with your own pictures.

We offer a wide range of finishing options from wall hung calendars with thumb cut wire-o binding, to desk top versions with tent card mechanisms or a range of jewel cases that are one of our most popular products.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements on 01235 438 938.


These are a great gift to remind your clients of your business throughout the year. Desktop calendars take up very little space on a desk, so are likely to stay in your clients’ vision for a long time. To give you even greater choice, we offer three different desktop versions or you can choose a more traditional wall hanging variety up to A3 size.

There is no minimum order, you can supply your own images or choose from our large image library. We can source images if you prefer a specific theme.

Digital printing also gives you the flexibility to produce different covers, to version your calendar for specific offices or regions, or even personalise them with individual contact names.

greetings cards

Although businesses send thank you cards, individuals tend to see these are being most popular at Christmas.  But there are many other opportunities to send a card to your valued customers, such as a congratulations, or if you hear of any good news they have enjoyed, a business win or promotion, or to strengthen the relationship with a bespoke message tailored to the recipient.
You can provide you own image or choose from our extensive library. Using our variable printing software each card can be individually sent with the name incorporated in the design. We can also provide envelopes, including vibrant coloured ones and all sorts of unusual sizes. It’s a good idea to make sure that there is an envelope available for the size of card you would like to produce, and if you are going to create a lot, give the postage some thought too; we are happy to advise and assist you with this choice and we may even be able to help you save money against your usual route.

Cards can be produced to virtually any size, and can also be laminated, cut to shape, embossed to add raised text or logos, or foiled to introduce metallic colours.  And don’t forget with our own clear ink you can produce some great effects which work best on un-printed areas.

For details of other special effects go here