Getting it right at a business to business launch is often quite a challenge – to stand out from the crowd, not only do you need to get the creative look and content right for your audience, but making sure you having enough collateral needs to be thought about too.

With two new products to offer attendees at a recent conference, our client Investassure asked us for help to give them a new fresh look to their display materials.  We helped design some banners, new cards and a handout all of which were used specifically for this recent event.

It’s always good to get feedback and the comment from InvestAssure was particularly nice.

I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the materials. I think we were easily the best looking outfit at the conference.  We had a lot of interest in our services and as a result we will be doing another event in November”. 

The business was actively promoting two solutions:

SMART Online Self-Assessment and e-Learning

An online self-assessment and e-learning tool (SMART) allowing businesses to cost-effectively streamline their ethical communication, assurance and improvement programmes. It can support the interests of all parties by facilitating online factory self-assessment against a customised set of requirements, whilst at the same time communicating policies and good practice across a whole supply chain or investment portfolio.

NIMBUS Web Monitoring of Corporate Incidents and Allegations

A web monitoring service, NIMBUS, provides a cost-effective way of keeping tabs on companies all year long. It constantly scans the web for the latest reports of allegations and incidents relating to EHS, labour and other ethical aspects of corporate performance in Asia.  The data are available to investors, retailers, manufacturers and banks for use as early warnings of problems and also as inputs to screening and due diligence. Find out more here.

‘InvestAssure has built a free SMART module based on the BES 6002 standard for Ethical Labour Sourcing, developed by the Building Research Establishment. This will support the construction sector in implementing the UK’s Modern Slavery Act. SMART_ELS can be downloaded at’

If you would like some help with your business to business launch or any other creative printing you might need – just give one of us a call on  01235 438 938


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