One of our more unusual requests this month was to create some beer bottle labels to support an exhibition event.  It was to help promote a specialist packager provider who focuses on packaging for the safe transport, storage and disposal of radioactive materials.

So if beer is mentioned we usually listen more attentively than usual.  We were delighted to help design, artwork and manufacture a small number of bottle labels.  These were to be used as give aways on an exhibition stand. (we also produce exhibition systems find out more here)

From the clients brief to production of the labels we only had a couple of days to create artwork for two variants.

Then we printed in colour onto a brushed metallic base and contour cut them. Ready for the bottle labels to be applied.  The craft beer the client had purchased from their local brewer.

There were two types of beer involved, a light and a dark – so apart from the obvious text that needed to alter, used to describe the product, its density and ABV the differentiator – the client wanted to replicate a style that their industry contacts would recognise.

make your exhibition space stand out from the crowd

Most of us realise (albeit subliminally) that we can be seduced or attracted to well designed products. Whether we know it or not. At exhibitions and trade shows it is so easy to have everything blend together visually. All you need is a simple concept, a hook or focus and a designer to work with.  With a well designed idea you then you stand a very good chance of standing out from the competition. Using everything design offers you will help act as a differentiator. Don’t just do what you did last time, especially if the results weren’t that good.  Don’t forget who your audience is, why they are there, what will make them stop and engage with you, or remember you.  Get with the programme and see if bottle of beer would work for you, or bottle of something else.

If you need some help with your next public event, seminar or exhibition come and see what we could do for you.

see some example of other stands we have made here.


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