new building opening

With a new building opening on Milton Park there’s always lots to do – and the recent official opening of the new UK Headquarters of Adaptimmune was no exception.

With new albeit temporary graphics applied to the exterior of the building, with on the day signage applied separately to that, we also created and installed a series of huge timelines telling the story of the business its scientific progress and its corporate story.  From showing members of the founding team and early investors to rounds of investment in the UK and USA.

carbon colour provided creative services to design and artwork the timelines, which were then printed and applied to the walls in the new building, supporting collateral was printed, along with programmes for the day and temporary display boards supplied which carried press coverage alongside photos old and new.

Over 400 people, including employees and senior representatives from the regional and national business, academic, government and investor communities, gathered on November 6th to celebrate the official opening of their flagship facility. Professor Sir John Bell GBE, FRS, Regius Professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford, will unveil a commemorative plaque.

find out more about Adaptimmune here

or get some inspiration for your own printed materials from our collection of product types and case studies which you can find here


books of postcards

Here’s a new product – books of postcards – we developed recently for a publishing client.  Effectively its a slightly different way of creating and presenting a series of cards – it brings together a collection of marketing postcards which are glue bound on one edge and contained within a wrap around cover.

Printed in colour throughout with Matt Lamination on the outer of the cover this item has great desk top appeal and already a few of our other art led clients have expressed an interest in exploiting the principle to create their own books of postcards.  The same format would suit artists and illustrators who want to present a series of images from a collection of their work.

This collection was going to be used as a hand out at trade shows, the pack could be used for a multitude of other sectors – the postcards can be unique, or repeats, ideal to promote or market part of an artists collection or a series of linked ideas.  The cards peel off the short edge and when bound lay almost flat so its easy to read and yet strong enough to hang together like a bound book.

We also produce greetings cards and notelets for our clients – see some examples here.  From scanning your originals to designing a whole new range of cards we can help, we are used to colour balancing against originals and we carry a wide range of cello bags and envelopes so we can easily deal with last minute requests for urgent re-prints, bespoke christmas cards and cards for special events.

If you would like to discuss how carbon colour could help you promote your business, launch a new service or support the the sales of a product just give us a call on 01235 438 938 or get in touch here.

business to business launch

Getting it right at a business to business launch is often quite a challenge – to stand out from the crowd, not only do you need to get the creative look and content right for your audience, but making sure you having enough collateral needs to be thought about too.

With two new products to offer attendees at a recent conference, our client Investassure asked us for help to give them a new fresh look to their display materials.  We helped design some banners, new cards and a handout all of which were used specifically for this recent event.

It’s always good to get feedback and the comment from InvestAssure was particularly nice.

I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the materials. I think we were easily the best looking outfit at the conference.  We had a lot of interest in our services and as a result we will be doing another event in November”. 

The business was actively promoting two solutions:

SMART Online Self-Assessment and e-Learning

An online self-assessment and e-learning tool (SMART) allowing businesses to cost-effectively streamline their ethical communication, assurance and improvement programmes. It can support the interests of all parties by facilitating online factory self-assessment against a customised set of requirements, whilst at the same time communicating policies and good practice across a whole supply chain or investment portfolio.

NIMBUS Web Monitoring of Corporate Incidents and Allegations

A web monitoring service, NIMBUS, provides a cost-effective way of keeping tabs on companies all year long. It constantly scans the web for the latest reports of allegations and incidents relating to EHS, labour and other ethical aspects of corporate performance in Asia.  The data are available to investors, retailers, manufacturers and banks for use as early warnings of problems and also as inputs to screening and due diligence. Find out more here.

‘InvestAssure has built a free SMART module based on the BES 6002 standard for Ethical Labour Sourcing, developed by the Building Research Establishment. This will support the construction sector in implementing the UK’s Modern Slavery Act. SMART_ELS can be downloaded at’

If you would like some help with your business to business launch or any other creative printing you might need – just give one of us a call on  01235 438 938


Here’s our recent installation of an impressive montage of mounted portraiture we produced for the talented photographer, Andrew Ogilvy.

A graduate from Glasgow School of Art, Andrew now lives in Oxford where he has also taught Photography courses to inspiring young students.

Known for his engaging, minimalist portraits that capture a depth of each individual character. His quick speed of work is fuss free, frequently shooting in limited time frames makes for an ideal combination for life on set.  Always well prepared and researched, Andrew is quietly commanding and quick to capture the moment. His passion for detail and exceptional use of light demonstrated in every photograph.

where to see this work

They are in the foyer of the Oxford Playhouse and all have a connection with the theatre. If you get the chance, call in to take a look. Or find out more about Andrew’s work here

we’re hiring

We’re expanding and need to add to our team – so we’re hiring.

We are looking for one new member of the team here on Milton Park.

  • Print Finishing & Installation Assistant

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Heathcote Williams

One of our first ever client’s Heathcote Williams, the radical poet, playwright, actor and polymathic English genius, has died at the age of 75. He had been ill for some time and died on Saturday 1st July in Oxford.

We have helped in the development, creative structuring and editing of the layout of many of his publications, plays and we were about to complete work this week on his latest book.

The Guardian reported today the 3rd of July

He was the author of many polemical poems, written over four decades in a unique documentary style. They included works about the devastation being wrought on the natural environment – Sacred Elephant, Whale Nation and Falling For a Dolphin – and Autogeddon, a grim and majestic attack on the car.

Williams also wrote several successful stage plays including AC/DC, which premiered at the Royal Court in 1969, and The Local Stigmatic, commissioned by Harold Pinter and revived in 2014 at the Old Red Lion Theatre in London on its 50th anniversary. His most recent play, Killing Kit, was about the life and death of Christopher Marlowe.  He was an impressive conjuror and a member of the Magic Circle. One of his TV plays, What the Dickens!, featured Dickens performing magic shows for children.

His literary output was prolific. It included a book on Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, published when he was 23, and in later life he wrote several poems a month, driven by news and current affairs. This confinement did nothing to diminish his creative energies nor his anger at the direction in which society was going in the hucksterish era of Brexit, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump.

Williams retained his principled fury to the end. In 2016 he published Boris Johnson: The Blond Beast of Brexit – A Study in Depravity, an excoriating attack reprising the foreign secretary’s lies, evasion and adultery, sold as a pamphlet from the London Review of Books bookshop. Another work, Royal Babylon, lambasted the Queen.

His last volume of poetry about Trump, American Porn, was published in January. Williams wrote that Trump’s real name – Drumpf – “suggests dumbness, even the passing of wind/ As well as the merciful transience of fame.”

He will be missed by all of us at carbon colour.

large format windbreaks

Here’s the latest large format work for Milton Park using printed vinyl.  The new corporate identity has been applied to the business park map and then printed vinyl affixed to the windbreaks under the tent.

Using a mixture of cut vinyl and printed graphics on white and clear substrates shows what can be done with a little imagination and application.  It’s very different from how it looked before the centre glazing panel was removed.  The two panels now allow a more natural pedestrian flow into the tent space, even though it can still get a bit windy, and the new layout still allows event information to be updated easily.

This is what it used to look like.


outdoor events signage

Here’s a simple competition done really well – using our experience in outdoor events signage we helped source decent photographs of a range of reasonably well known dog breeds and then created a competition board where visitors to the show were asked to name the breed.

This proved to be a great way to collect contact details and recently it was used to help the Rambles Pet Care team engage with potential customers at a local show.

Good outdoor events signage can and does set the tone for your audience, passers by and anyone who starts to recognise your brand is more likely to buy, or at least say hello.

Find out more about Rambles Pet Care here.


500 years

Its always nice to see that it’s only 500 years or so since the print industry established itself in England.  carbon colour have  been printing for a mere fraction of that time, but in contrast to Caxton it takes us only a fraction of the time it took him to produce whole books.  We apply the same attention to detail that Caxton became reknown for.  (But we print in full colour, very much a twentieth century invention)  Printing simultaneously in multiple colours was something that Caxton never achieved back in the thirteenth century.  See some examples of books we have produced here.

Caxton was both the first to print a book in English and the first English printer, according to the British Library. He realised the commercial potential of the new technology while working as a merchant in the Low Countries and Germany. Caxton set up his own printing press in London in late in 1475 or early in 1476.

William Caxton (c. 1422 – c. 1491) was an English merchant, diplomat, writer and printer. Thought to be the first Englishman to introduce a printing press into England, about 1476, he was the first English retailer of printed books.

The latest 500 year old fragment found in a collection bought by Reading University had been used as packing in the spine of a later book – and remained there for centuries until now.

According to the archivist who discovered it 500 years after it was produced, “Its condition is good, considering it spent some 300 years bound in the spine of a book and another 200 resting forgotten in an album of fragments rescued from other bindings.”

The new find will go on display at Reading University’s Merl museum on London Road from May 9 to May 30.

wiki tell us that Caxton set up a press at Westminster in 1476 due to the heavy demand in his translation on his return. The first book known to have been produced there was an edition of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. He printed perhaps the earliest verses of the Bible to be printed in English, as well as chivalric romances, classical works and English and Roman histories. He translated into English and edited many of the works himself. He is credited with the first English translation of Aesop’s Fables, in 1484. The rushed publishing schedule and his inadequacies as a translator led both to wholesale transfers of French words into English and to misunderstandings. Caxton is credited with helping to standardise the various dialects of English through his printed works. In 2002, Caxton was named among the 100 Greatest Britons in a BBC poll.


the Pop Up Arts Collective was established by Clare Davis in 2014, they are a small community of painters, sculptors, photographers, wordsmiths, makers and mixed media artists who have made a connection through family, friendship and creativity.

They got together to collectively generate some postcards to promote their work and the collective which is on view during artweeks.  carbon colour do lots of small and medium scale projects for artists, some we have dealt with for decades, others have just put their toe in the water and are producing limited edition giclee prints, short runs of a series of notelets and other have exploited our ability to print, finish, collate cards,  pack and supply envelopes so their art can be sold in retail outlets across Oxfordshire.

Find out more about the work of the pop up art collective here

Pop Up Artists Collective Artweeks 2017  A diverse group of artists explore A Sense of Space.
Space-time & dimension, wild spaces, breathing spaces, negative spaces and the spaces in-between. A series of works using words, images, textiles, photography, sculpture, painting, drawing and installation, through house and garden. Selling Exhibition,open:  Sat 6, Sun 7, Mon 8, Tue 9, Fri 12, Sat 13, Sun 14th May    11am – 4pm   30 Abbott Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 2DU