applied window graphics

Adding vinyl in the form of applied graphics to an office, or manifestations to add privacy or safety to glass screens and windows is just part of what we can do with vinyl.  Matt, Gloss, opaque or plain, frosted, coloured and reflective can be used, or we can print entire designs and then bring together with other special effect films.

Applying this to large areas can prove to be really stunning – if applied well.  Cutting the material to shape, working it around obstacles and applying it to the features of a room can all help add to the dramatic results that can be achieved.







As we have our own installation team we know what can be acheived with applied graphics  – and you can see one in action being applied here

Here's a film about our printed window film. A film film so to speak.If you'd like us to do the same for you – visit us at

Posted by carbon colour on Thursday, 14 January 2016


Talk to us today about how we can help, we’ll happily come along and make a site visit, measure up the appropriate areas and advise on what would and wouldn’t work in the location.  We will happily do test strips of small areas so you can ensure we are getting the right level of privacy or opacity, and one of our specialists will be only too happy to advise on the changes to light levels in a particular space.

Call us to day on 01235 438 938 and talk to Jon Kunac-Tabinor


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